Why Do You Golf?

You’re a junior golfer.  Whether it be the state finals, junior amateur, school match, fun round with friends, or simply the driving range, you’ve been called to participate in this great game!  But have you ever asked yourself, “Why?”

There is a cost that comes in playing golf–and no, it’s not just monetary $$.  If you are driven to compete, especially with the aspiration of playing professionally, the cost is very high.  There’s practice time, weekend travel, money spent at tournaments, membership fees, equipment, etc.  This same energy and time could be spent with family, friends, pursuing a job, or serving others.  The cost for playing golf often cannot be quantified–but it certainly is expensive!

Is it worth it?  Why do you golf?  To spend time with friends?  To have fun?  Because your parents want you to?  In order to get a scholarship in college?  To achieve personal goals or receive awards?  There are endless reasons to play golf.  Why do you golf?

Regardless of your reason, FCA Golf Jacksonville wants you to know why you have been gifted and called to play this great game!  If you are not playing for the purpose of bringing God glory, your reason is not yet complete.  How can you play for something that matters?  What makes the cost of playing golf worth it?  

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