Effective and efficient practice producing athletic and personal growth.

– FCA Golf JAX’s 3 Keys to Effective and Efficient Practice –



Competition reveals strengths and weaknesses tied to our personalities, character, discipline and abilities.

Evaluation requires an honest look at our strengths and weaknesses and the impact they have.

Growth begins when strengths and weaknesses impact practice and competitive decisions.

FCA Golf JAX Combine.
Effective and efficient practice producing athletic and personal growth.

Combine Feedback.

FCA Golf JAX Combine is a great way for students and coaches to learn how to have a structured practice and how to practice efficiently.  The Combine is competitive, constructive and most of all, fun.

Jared Wolfe

Web.com Tour Professional

FCA Golf JAX does a great job of providing participants with some valuable strategies to make practice more fun and to help identify both the strengths and weaknesses within their game.  My favorite part of the Combine is the positive and encouraging coaching combined with a short message about our faith and how it can help us in both golf and life.


Combine Parent

Great instructors that really care about the kids in an encouraging atmosphere at an amazing value for that experience.


Combine Parent

Golf can be a very enjoyable game when you’re not playing for only yourself.


Combine Participant

I was surprised and excited to see how much participants could learn from the Combine itself.  The Combine allowed them to evaluate every aspect of their game and see what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Jamey Salmon

Mackenzie Tour - PGA Tour Canada Professional

My grandson was very excited about today and has been talking about it a lot.  He had a wonderful time and is inviting his friends next time  Thanks again!


Combine Grandparent

Common Questions.

Why does FCA Golf JAX call it a Combine?

In the world of sports, a combine is a competition and evaluation of skill.  In everyday life, combine speaks to the uniting and merging of a variety of things for a singular purpose.  For FCA Golf JAX, a junior golf combine is a community of junior golfers, golf coaches and golf professionals committed to the exploration of how golf, faith and life combine.

What takes place at an FCA Golf JAX Combine?

Every FCA Golf JAX Combine features:

  • A clinic with a collegiate golfer and/or PGA or Tour Professional
  • FCA Golf JAX’s Skills Combine Competition
  • Purposeful consideration and assessment of your strengths and weaknesses leading to the development of a personalized, effective and efficient practice routine
  • No more than a 3 to 1 student/coach ratio
  • Giveaways and Prizes
What makes an FCA Golf JAX Combine unique?


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Attend a Combine.

UNF Golf Complex
3:00 – 5:30 pm

Deerwood Country Club
3:00-5:30 pm

Additional Dates
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Combine News.

FCA Golf JAX Combine – Celebrating First Birthday

FCA Golf JAX Combine Celebrates its First Birthday! April 1, 2017 marked one full year of FCA Golf JAX helping juniors and coaches learn effective and efficient practice producing athletic and personal growth through FCA Golf JAX Combine! As we celebrate the first...

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FCA Golf JAX Combine – 2016.12.17

On Saturday, December 17th, FCA Golf JAX held an FCA Golf JAX Combine at Deerwood Country Club.  This was the first Combine FCA Golf JAX has held within a private, gated country club community.  FCA Golf JAX was incredibly grateful for the opportunity!  Deerwood...

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FCA Golf JAX Combine – 2016.11.13

On Sunday, November 13, FCA Golf JAX was welcomed to the PGA TOUR Academy at World Golf Village for its November Combine!  Participants had a great time as the Combine was kicked off by TourAcademy instructor, Dave Myers.  Myers conducted a 30-minute Trackman launch...

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Effective and efficient practice producing athletic and personal growth.

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