Why Do You Coach?

You’re a golf coach.  You are the leader of the team.  Whether that’s because you’re the team’s point of contact, the parent who drives the carpool to matches, a qualified instructor, or accomplished player, you’ve been called to a place of influence.  But why?  Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself, “Why do I coach?”

Without a doubt, you want to create opportunity for your players.  
Without a doubt, you want to see your players progress in their skills.
Without a doubt you want to see your players succeed in competition and win.

But why do you coach?  

By definition a coach is someone who instructs and teaches.  As a result, “coach” is the one of the most influential individuals in our society.  Regardless of your reason for coaching, there are players looking to you for leadership.  There are players looking to you for guidance, hope and encouragement.  As coach you have the ability to inspire, motivate, and produce positive change in your team.  

It has been said that a coach will influence more people in one year than most people will in a lifetime.

FCA Golf Jacksonville wants to help you steward your influence as coach well–encouraging, equipping and empowering you to be a transformational coach; a coach who is mindful of the moral, social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs your players.

Have a great season!

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Character Coaches

Most would agree that character is vital for success in any organization, team, or family.  The content of a player’s heart will eventually come to the surface in some way.  One of the most important roles coaches play in preparing players for competition and life is to give them a chance to develop good character.

A game plan for success on the golf course can often seem easier than a successful game plan to coach our players’ character.  Partner with FCA Golf JAX and have a character coach come alongside you and your team.  Character Coaches can partner with you in a variety of roles.  Here are a few examples: 

  • Provide personal care to players, coaches, and support staff.
  • Alert you to critical issues that could affect your team/program.
  • Be available and equipped at all times to help in crisis situations.
  • Provide training and resources for character development, management skills and life.
  • Pray for, encourage and serve players, coaches, coaches’ families, and support staff.

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Teach your players to practice with purpose.  Whether you’re a seasoned coach or brand new to golf, FCA Golf JAX can help you learn how to run an effective and efficient practice with your junior golfers.  Join FCA Golf JAX at their next Golf Combine to learn an effective and efficient model of practice–where juniors compete, evaluate and grow.


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