As 2017 comes to a close, so does a chapter of my FCA journey.  

However, a new season within FCA begins for me in this new year…

Nearly four months ago, I received a phone call from my supervisor’s superior, Don Mauldin.  Don has been the Multi-Area Director (MAD) for over 15 years, serving and leading FCA staff throughout Northeast and North Central Florida.  Don shared with me that he would soon be transitioning out of his regional, multi-area responsibilities in order to solely focus on FCA ministry in his local area of Gainesville.  As he wrapped up our conversation, Don said, “Matt, I’d like you to consider becoming the next Multi-Area Director.  Please pray about it.”  Even though this was something I had never considered doing within the organization of FCA, I felt a check in my spirit.  I told Don that I would prayerfully consider it.

That evening, as I shared the news of Don’s call with Karen, she agreed that we needed to pray and added, “I can’t help but wonder if God may be leading you into a new season within FCA that allows you to address a restlessness I’ve seen inside you as you have come to see the potential FCA has here in Northeast Florida and throughout the region.”

I sought further information about the Multi-Area Director role after prayerful consideration.  I found that the position undoubtably fit my giftedness and vision for FCA throughout the region.  Through the application and interview process I articulated my vision and plan for leadership in North Central and Northeast Florida.  The vision and plan was not only supported by those in leadership above me, but it lead to a job offer to become the new Multi-Area Director of North Central and Northeast Florida FCA.  I gladly accepted and officially started this new role on December 1, 2017.

My primary responsibility as Multi-Area Director is serving and leading the existing staff in metro Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Ocala areas.  A significant priority of this role is the development of FCA in the metro Jacksonville area which I am quite passionate about as a result of living in this area for over 7 years now.  This requires the development of a strategic plan that addresses communications, funding, staff development and growth.  I could not be more excited about the opportunity!  I am already meeting with staff throughout the region and state.  I am very humbled by their excitement, support and prayers for my new role during this transition.

By this point, you likely have a few questions regarding this change.  Please see the “Frequently Asked Questions” section at the bottom of this page.

It is my hope that you would continue to support and pray for me in this new role as you have faithfully done the past 7+ years.  I do understand this is a change.  It is important to me that you be aware of these changes and the ministry you are supporting.  Thank you for your prayerful and financial support that you have blessed me with over the past 7+ years!  You are making a difference in the lives of athletes, coaches, professionals, and all who they influence because of your support!

– Frequently Asked Questions –

Please explain the "restlessness" Karen has observed in you...
When sport specific ministry was restructured a little over two years ago, I transitioned into a role that led me to be involved in the local ministry of FCA here in Northeast Florida.  The past 2.5 years have been some of my favorite years since coming on staff with FCA in 2010.  The transition to localized ministry revealed a side of FCA that I had not experienced during my first 5 years on staff with FCA Golf.  Seeing how the Lord works through FCA campus, coaches, community and outreach ministries has been inspiring and fulfilling.  Experiencing FCA’s localized ministry here in Northeast Florida led me to ask various questions as to why the ministry was strong in certain areas yet weak in others.  Seeking answers to my questions created a restlessness–but also a vision for what FCA could be throughout Northeast Florida.
How does becoming a Multi-Area Director affect what you've been working on the past 2+ years launching and directing FCA Golf JAX?

FCA Golf JAX was launched over two years ago to share the good news of Jesus Christ with golf professionals, golf coaches and junior golfers here in Northeast Florida.  I have begun to see fruit that has resulted from the labor of the past two years.  Although my focus will now extend beyond FCA Golf JAX, I will still be involved with FCA Golf JAX through monthly Combines, THE PLAYERS, Tour Championship week, and other golf ministry opportunities.

The vision for FCA Golf JAX has not changed.  From the very beginning I knew that FCA Golf JAX was far greater than myself.  I have been planning to identify and hire staff ever since FCA Golf JAX was birthed.  My hope is that I could work alongside and provide leadership for staff filling golf-specific roles in North Central and Northeast Florida.  Building a team of golf-specific staff will be the only way to meet the ministry ministry opportunities that exist in golf throughout the region.

How will you involve yourself in FCA Golf JAX and summer golf camps for the foreseeable future?

I am excited for our volunteer and board members who have stepped up to fill some key leadership positions within FCA Golf JAX during this transitional time.  Their support and leadership will not only keep FCA Golf JAX moving forward but also growing!  Golf has always been my first love within the ministry of FCA–as it was what brought me to FCA when I first began inquiring about the organization in 2008.

I look forward to remaining involved with FCA Golf JAX and serving summer golf camps in my new role.  I look forward to seeing how FCA Golf JAX will continue to grow and impact the community through the leadership of our volunteers and board during this transition.  Please pray for these volunteers, board members, and future golf staff that will join our team.

What excites you most about becoming a Multi-Area Director?
In this new role, I look most forward to the journey of individual and collective growth our staff will experience together in the coming years.  As we move toward our potential in North Central and Northeast Florida, we all will grow individually and as a team.  I really look forward to being a part of this growth and development.
What will your greatest challenge be in this role?
FCA throughout Northeast Florida has had much change and turnover during the past 15 years.  These changes in staff and programs have at times left coaches and athletes feeling isolated, unsupported, or disconnected from FCA even when they have expressed a desire for FCA’s involvement.  This has occasionally resulted in a lack of confidence and expectation of what can truly be accomplished together in our community and region.  Challenging people’s expectations will be difficult, yet it will become a glorious reward as we faithfully engage and serve our community and region in the coming years!
How can I stay involved and learn more about what you are doing in North Central and Northeast Florida?
Communication will be a top-priority.  In addition to regular letters and mailings, stay tuned regarding a website that will become a hub of information for what we are doing in metro Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, and the surrounding region.  I look forward to keeping you informed regarding these details.

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