FCA Golf JAX Combine

On Sunday, November 13, FCA Golf JAX was welcomed to the PGA TOUR Academy at World Golf Village for its November Combine!  Participants had a great time as the Combine was kicked off by TourAcademy instructor, Dave Myers.  Myers conducted a 30-minute Trackman launch monitor clinic, helping participants understand how technology can be used in helping them achieve their golf developmental goals.  In addition his clinic, Myers answered shared about his early days in golf, teaching beginner, intermediate, and advanced golf classes at University of Central Florida, to now instructing juniors full-time at PGA TourAcademy and commissioning a youth putting club competition known as Elite Putters Club.  Myers had a great time participating in the Combine by leading two junior participants through each station: “FCA Golf JAX Combines are a fun-filled atmosphere to compete and enjoy the game of golf while also helping juniors learn strengths and weaknesses about themselves and their golf game!”

During an FCA Golf JAX Combine, participants compete their way through each Combine station: putting, short-game, and full swing.  Participants receive points based upon the result of each shot hit at each station.  Points are recorded on Combine scorecards and used not only to determine Combine winners, but also to help participants assess strengths and weaknesses within their golf game.  This baseline understanding helps participants focus their practice in the areas where improvement is needed most.  This simple, yet effective and efficient form of practice and competition taught in an FCA Golf JAX Combine is a model of practice that participants can take along with them and repeat as they practice on their own.  Learn more about the FCA Golf JAX Combine experience here.

Combine honors were taken home by three participants.  These winners include (as pictured below, left-to-right): Danny Neddo (12 & Over), Matthew French (Overall) and Jackson Hazel (11 & Under Winner).  Congratulations to each of our winners!  Each of our winners received sleeves of Snell Golf’s My Tour Ball, the Official Golf Ball of FCA Golf JAX.

Elite Putters Club (EPC) joined forces with FCA Golf JAX to conclude the Combine with a EPC putting match.  Participants competed for four rounds of four holes each to determine the Champion.  EPC honors went to Cole Harris (1st Place – 4 Under) and Matthew French (Runner Up – 3 Under)!  Congratulations!


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