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FCA Golf JAX conducted another great combine Thursday evening, July 7th at the University of North Florida’s (UNF) Golf Complex.  MacKenzie Tour/PGA Tour Canada Professional, Jamey Salmon, joined us to lead a 30 minute bunker clinic, while also answering participants’ and parents’ questions.  Salmon, a Jacksonville native and Mens Golf Alum at Jacksonville University, also shared experiences and stories from his own life and journey from junior to tour golf. “I think the FCA Golf JAX Combine is a great opportunity for junior players of all ages and abilities. I was very surprised and excited to see how much the players could learn from the combine itself. It allows them to evaluate every aspect of their game and see what their strengths and weaknesses are,” Salmon commented.  

Combine participants finished by competing their way through each Combine station: putting, short-game, and full swing.  Participants receive points based upon the result of each shot hit at each station.  Points are recorded on combine scorecards and used not only to determine Combine winners, but also to help participants assess where their golf game is both strong and weak.  This baseline understanding helps participants focus their practice in the areas where improvement is needed most.  This simple, yet effective and efficient form of practice and competition taught in an FCA Golf JAX Combine is a model of practice that participants can take along with them, repeat on their own, and use to develop a plan for their practice in the future.

Danny Neddo, a regular Combine participant scored his personal best on the 5-foot putt Combine–a nearly perfect 9 out of 10 points!  Way to go Danny!!  Three participants took home Combine honors this Thursday.  These winners include: Hannah Oberkehr, Nicklaus Brocksmith, and Preston Shields.  Congratulations to each of our winners!

Combine Comments:

“It’s a very relaxing, non-judgemental environment.  We love it!!!”  -Combine Parent

“Combines are well coordinated and done right.  FCA Golf JAX invites the best guest professionals.”  -Combine Parent

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