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The feedback FCA Golf JAX continues to receive about FCA Golf JAX Combines is encouraging!

“Great instructors that really care about the kids in an encouraging atmosphere at an amazing value for that experience.”  -Combine Parent

“The atmosphere is very calming and accepting. Everyone is nice and helpful.”  -Combine Parent

“Golf can be a very enjoyable game when you’re not playing for only yourself.”  -Combine Participant

“FCA Golf JAX Combine is a great way for students and coaches to learn how to have a structured practice and how to practice efficiently.  The combine is competitive, constructive and most of all, fun.”  -Jared Wolfe, Web.com Tour Player

We are thankful for another great Combine that took place on Thursday, June 2nd at the University of North Florida’s (UNF) Golf Complex. Web.com Tour Professional, Jared Wolfe, joined us to lead a 30 minute chipping clinic, while also answering participants’ and parents’ questions. Jared also shared experiences and stories from his own life and journey from junior to tour golf. When asked about what motivates him each day to continue pursuing his goals in golf and life, he shared, “I have put Christ first in my life because He paid the ultimate price for me on the cross. He is the reason I wake up everyday and the reason I work hard at my marriage, golf and life.”  

In addition to Jared’s participation in the June 2nd Combine, Combine participants were blessed by the leadership of four college students who are also serving as FCA Golf summer camp interns (Alice Chen, Furman University; Cheyenne Annas, Liberty University; Blake Childers, Lenoire-Rynne University; Graham Powell, North Carolina State).  Alice Chen, Furman junior student and ladies golfer, recounted her Combine Coaching experience:

We got to love these kids and make sure they felt supported and confident regardless of their performance. The results that are reaped when people operate out of love or out of fear are completely different. “Love casts out all fear”, and there is so much potential for growth behind feeling loved while knowing full well where we are weak. That’s exactly how God greets us in our sin.

Combine participants finished the event by competing their way through each Combine station: putting, short-game, and full swing.  Participants receive points based upon the result of each shot hit at each station.  Points are recorded on combine scorecards and used not only to determine Combine winners, but also to help participants assess where their golf game is both strong and weak.  This baseline understanding helps participants focus their practice in the areas where improvement is needed most.  This simple, yet effective and efficient form of practice and competition taught in an FCA Golf JAX Combine is a model of practice that participants can take along with them and repeat as they practice on their own.

Three participants took home Combine honors this Thursday.  These winners include: Preston Shields, Danny Neddo & Jason Duff.  Congratulations to each of our winners!

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